Saturday, August 2, 2008

Juicing For Better Health ~ Intro

A co-worker of mine introduced me to the benefits of 'juicing'. Her and her husband are vegetarians who explained how juicing for better health is easy and delicious. Their children actually ask for juice!

I have heard of juicing before and listened to Montel Williams speak about his experience with juicing and how it has helped him with his MS.

Since I have recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease/colitis and my son was diagnosed with the same disease many years ago, I have looked further into the benefits of juicing. When eating some fresh vegetables and fruits they can trigger our disease, but the juice does not. This will enable us to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients our body needs.

I have learned that a balanced diet, regular exercise, a positive attitude and the juices of sprouts, greens, wheatgrass, fresh vegetables and fruits play an important role in maintaining good or even better health.

Juicing has the power to protect us from disease and illness by strengthening our immune system. It stimulates our metabolism and keeps us 'clean' on the inside.

Let's be honest here, most of us eat alot of synthetic processed foods, which contain chemicals. How are those foods good for us? They are not..

A good juicer extracts the 'good' juice from the vegetables and fruits and eliminates the bad parts. You empty the container from the back (or side) of the juicer. The pulp, the fiber that is not good for your body, you just throw away.

I will be posting a series on juicing. I believe you will truly benefit from juicing. Either maintaining or gaining better health, this is something you should really consider. I can speak as someone who suffers from Crohn's/Colitis. Those of you who suffer with this disease or other digestive issue, you will feel a difference.

Montel Williams truly believes this has helped with his suffering from MS. He even wrote a book sharing his experience and offers his knowledge to others, so they too can have better health.

Look for PART 2, coming soon

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