Thursday, July 24, 2008

Worried About Wrinkles?

How did you feel when you noticed your first wrinkle? Did you suddenly feel "old"? Were you horrified? Those laugh lines have made you stop laughing?

Most wrinkles are associated with changes in our skin as it ages. It's a natural process that we all must go through.
Environmental factors help in increasing the aging process, as does too much sun exposure, smoking and genetics.

Many people can not accept the normal aging process our skin goes through and search for ways to obtain younger looking skin. There are hundreds of products and services on the market that will offer you help in looking younger. Some services that people consider are collagen injections, face lifts and other expensive procedures offered by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Less expensive ways to help in obtaining younger looking skin are anti-aging creams and lotions. These usually don't pose a risk to your health.

Replexion is a product that many say can help you get back that younger, dewy look of our youthful years. It also helps in the repair of our skin from damage caused by age, pollution and free radicals, ultraviolet exposure and loss of collagen.

Key ingredients are: areacetyl hexapeptide (also known as argireline), palmitoyl pentapeptide (aka matryxil),
palmitoyl tetrapeptide,hyaluronic acid (a powerful moisturizer), retinyl palmitate (a form of Vitamin A),
botanicals including shea butter, aloe, algae extract, cornflower extract, cocoa butter, and mango butter.

The peptides listed in the ingredients are molecules that penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis. This is where they stimulate collagen renewal, which in turn, plumps up the skin and smooths away wrinkles. The moisturizer or hyaluronic acid that this product contains is considered powerful because it provides healing moisture that is lacking in aging skin.

Before you think about spending thousands on services that may compromise your health, consider the benefits you can obtain by using an anti-aging cream such as replexion. Looking younger shouldn't put you in the poor house or put your health at risk.

Healthy Aging Tips

We all want to age gracefully. We also want to feel and look younger than our number age. There are some things you can do to help retain a more youthful look and at the same time be healthier. The below actions are healthy ways to age slower than your calendar years.

Floss Your teeth daily: Real age gained ~ 6.4 years

Maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure: Real age gained ~ 25 years

Reducing Stress Level: Real age gained ~ 2 years

Taking your Vitamins: Real age gained ~ 6 years

Being active / Exercise: Real age gained ~ 5 Years

Laugh a lot: Real aged gained ~ 8 years

Eat Properly and fill up on fiber: Real age gained ~ 2.5 years

Quit smoking: Real age gained ~ 8 years

Getting annual checkups and monitoring your health: Real aged gained ~ 12 years

Make learning a way of life: Real age gained ~ 2.5 years

Source: Focus Magazine

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Once you have learned to love; who you are, what you do,
and those around you, you will have truly learned to live.

Search for love, for it is the most important ingredient of life.
Without it, your life will echo emptiness.
With it, your life will vibrate with warmth and meaning.
Even during any hardship, love will shine through.

To love abundantly is to live abundantly.
To love forever is to live forever.

Be thankful for what you have now,
and the opportunities for love and success that are before you.

Copyright 2008
Reproduce freely but maintain Copyright notice

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Diabetes Indicators

I was just reading on AOL Health there are 23 million people living with Diabetes in the United States. That number is astounding.

According to the American Diabetes Association, twenty four percent go undiagnosed. People can be at risk and not even realize it or maybe already suffering and not know.

There are some clues or diabetes indicators to help...

Eyebrow color: If your hair has turned gray, but your eyebrows have stayed dark. In a study conducted, 76% of men with dark brows verses 18% of gray browed men showed that the men with the dark brows had diabetes. The theory behind this is diabetes does not allow the graying process to take place

Breast Size: If you are a size D or larger at age 20, you may be up to 5 times more likely to develop diabetes. More studies and research are being conducted to be conclusive

Birth Month: 10,000 children were studied by the Centers for Disease Control and found the month you were born could play a role in the development of Type 1 Diabetes. The study found that spring babies were more likely to develop diabetes than fall babies. The reason behind this was not known, but the mother's diet and or sun exposure may be a cause.

Hearing Loss: Hearing Loss has now been linked as a diabetes complication.

Short Legs: John Hopkins University conducted a study of 3,600 men and found that men with short legs are more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes than men with long legs. Don't confuse this with height. It's the leg to height ratio.

Slow Healing Cuts: Have you noticed a cut is not healing quickly? This could be a symptom of Type 2 Diabetes.

Tooth Loss: If you have periodontal disease or tooth loss, you could be at risk.

Hair Loss: This can affect any part of your body. Narrow blood vessels caused by the thickening of the vessel walls cause less oxygen which in turn produces symptoms of hair loss, hair thinning or even shiny skin.

Pesticide Exposure: If your job or if you are a farmer, exposure to pesticides and herbicides (long term) increase your risk to diabetes.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do You Worry?

So many people spend a great deal of time worrying. The time you spend worrying, is time you can never get back.

Worry can be non productive or at times can help motivate you to take action and find a solution to whatever you are worrying about.

If you are worrying about your financial situation, especially these days when the cost of living is on the rise, you can learn how to help yourself and/or change your situation and get back your peace of mind.

Is your worrying regarding debt and/or bills? You can receive Debt help at a variety of places.

One such place is Their site offers a Bills IQ test. It is a simple and easy question and answer test. Just click on your answers and at the end of the test you will receive your score. The test covers such topics as credit, debt, budget, wealth and life plan. You will also receive personal tips and expert advice to help you learn more about your finances and ways to help bring you to a better financial position.

I personally took the test and received a B. So, it seems I need improvement. I remember as a teenager entering the workforce, my Dad always told me to save for a rainy day...just in case something comes up. As I entered adulthood and bought my first house, he said I should have at least 3 months of earnings saved...just in case an emergency comes up or for illness etc... Something I learned from taking the test is that ideally you should now have 6 months of earnings saved.

This test is something that can be beneficial to you. It's free, the advice is free. It can help you to stop your worrying, find out if you are financial fit and if not, you will learn ways to improve your situation.

Pets Are Good For Your Health

Research shows that pets can help reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, prevent loneliness and lead to an increased feeling of psychological well being.

Pet ownership can be time consuming and the responsibilities can be great, but the benefits of owning a pet are many.

Pets provide humans with unconditional love, companionship and exercise ( taking your dog for walks, runs in the park), reduce stress and even help with the healing process of those who are ill.

According to Dr. Edell, studies have shown that people sometimes feel more stress in the presence of other humans than with their dog.

In a study conducted with groups of New York stockbrokers, those who owned dogs or cats were found to have lower blood pressure and heart rates than those who didn’t have pets.

Pets can help their owners overcome depression through their companionship and unconditional love.

Pets can also enhance your family life. When having a pet, family members can experience and share all the funny and unique things they do plus play and have fun together.

Pets just make us feel good. The unique close bond we share with our pets enrich our lives. Pets can improve our mood too. How long can you stay in a bad mood, when your dog or cat comes up to you with those loving eyes and wants your attention ? Just petting your pet can make you feel more relaxed, less stressed and bring about a better mood.

Dog is man's best friend. I guess that's true in more ways than one...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Taking Care of Your Eyes

Most people say their eyesight is their most valuable sense and feared most losing, but many have bad habits regarding eye health.

Do you visit your eye specialist on a regular basis for an eye exam? Did you know that this should be part of your routine health care? Many health issues can be found by your eye specialist.There is a direct connection between healthy eyes and a healthy body. Through an eye exam, your eye specialist can detect the following conditions: eye diseases, diabetes, hypertension, brain tumors.cardiovascular disease, some cancers (41 percent) and multiple sclerosis.

Your vision changes if you are pregnant or getting older. If you wear corrective lenses, making sure your lenses have the most current prescription is important. The cost of eye glasses are very high and may keep some people from purchasing new glasses.

At you can purchase your frames and lenses for incredible low prices. How does prices starting at $8.00 for lenses and frames sound? Too good to be true? They are able to make this offer to you because they manufacture their own lenses and have no middlemen or advertising budget. Their wide range of products include single vision lenses, sunsensor (potochromic) lenses, tinted sunglasses lenses, bifocal lenses and progressive lenses.
Their frames are stylish and in fashion if you're thinking you'll find outdated frames.

Since I have made you aware of Zennioptical, there is no reason now not to take care of your eyes or put off getting the corrective lenses you may need.

Did You know?

* To reduce under eye puffiness, use cold compresses

* Drinking alcohol and caffeine are both considered potentially detrimental to eye health

* Reading under dim lights or sitting too close to the television are not the most harmful behaviors

* Rubbing your eyes is considered one of the most harmful behaviors

* Eating spinach, Not carrots is the best nutrient for the eye

Monday, July 7, 2008

Walking Reduces Stress During Menopause

More and more women are looking for natural remedies to fight the symptoms of menopause. Physical activity is one way women can stay mentally healthy. Exercise can help to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

Just by adding a brisk walk during the day, 5 times a week can ease your symptoms. You can walk outdoors, in your local mall or even on your treadmill.

According to a study conducted at Temple University in Philadelphia over an eight year period, found that women who walked briskly 90 minutes a day suffered from fewer effects of menopause than women with a lower level of physical activity.

The study found that exercise reduced levels of stress, anxiety and depression associated with menopause.

382 women participated in this study and the average age was 42.

If you are feeling the effects of menopause, get some exercise and start walking!

Friday, July 4, 2008

What's In Your Environment?


Your own positive energy will compel things to turn out
the way you desire when you're surrounded by positive people.

Your environment is your mental feeding ground
from which the food that goes into your mind is extracted.
Choose your environment with care, one that is positive,
one that lifts you up and gives you wings to soar.

Create favorable conditions through your association with others.
Avoid people who belittle your ambition.
Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel
that you, too, can become great.

We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.
It's your friends that make your world.

Copyright 2008
Reproduce freely but maintain Copyright notice.