Saturday, September 20, 2008

Men...Do You Practice Preventative Care?

Okay, for the men out there reading this…will you admit that you only go to the doctor when you are really really sick? Most of the men I know, will not go to the doctors when they are sick or even when they are having symptoms of an unknown problem.

I hear women complain all the time that the men in their lives just won't go see a doctor if they feel ill or have a symptom of some kind. Is it because they just don't want to know if something is wrong? or does it make them feel weak to say...I need to go see a doctor?

Have you ever suggested to the man in your life to take action and practice preventative care? The response I have received was, ...what are you kidding? I don't need to do that. I got the eye roll and the shoulder shrug.

Well, men...I hate to break the news to you... you are not indestructable. Women practice preventative care and it does help with any future problems. It is better to find out and take care of any health issues as soon as possible.

According to Men’s Health Network, the below schedule is what they recommend men follow:

Testicular self-exam ~ Monthly

Blood Pressure ~ Annually

Rectal Exam ~ Annually

Physical Exam ~
Ages 20 – 39: Every 3 years
40-49: Every 2 yrs
50 and older: Annually

Blood Tests & Urinalysis ~
Ages 20 – 39: Every 3 yrs
40 – 49: Every 2 yrs
50 and older: Annually

Baseline at age 30
Ages 40 – 49 : Every 4 yrs
Age 50 and older: Every 3 yrs

Testosterone Screening ~ Age 40 and older: Discuss with your physician

Chest X-Ray ~ Annually, if you are a smoker and over age 45

Hemoccult Screening (Blood in stool) ~ Age 40 and over: Annually. Presence of blood could indicate possible polyps and colon cancer

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) ~ Age 50 and older: Annually. Earlier for African-Americans and those with a family history of prostate cancer. Level increases when there is infection, enlargement or cancer.

Colorectal Flexible Screening ~ Age 50 and older: Every three to four yrs

TB Skin Test ~ Every 5 yrs

Tetanus Booster ~ Every 10 yrs

Bone Mineral Density ~ Age 60 and older: Discuss with your physician


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