Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heathguru Answers Your Questions

I remember back when I was pregnant I had so many questions. I was young and did not know what to expect. Sure, people were telling me this and that, but the questions I kept in my mind were never really answered. I didn't feel my Mom was comfortable talking about my pregnancy. My goodness, the subject of sex was never even mentioned.

Looking back, I did have the most easy pregnancy. I didn't gain much weight. I looked like I swallowed a basketball. I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have any morning sickness. I was able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted and was never bothered by something repeating on me, upset stomach, cramps or diarrhea.

As my body went through the many changes, I just accepted each one. Sure I wondered why was I always in the bathroom. How much urine is in me? Why am I so tired? But I found I really couldn't sleep. I just went along month after month with the idea that I am going through this because I am pregnant. That's it, don't question it...just accept it. I guess it would have helped me to have explanations.

I remember I was a couple weeks into my ninth month. My mom and I went to visit my grandmother and great grandmother. We were enjoying our visit, but throughout the day I was feeling 'pressure'.I kept this to myself because once again, I figured I am suppose to feel this. I kept getting up to go to the bathroom...with each trip to the bathroom, a few drops of urine escaped. Ok I'm good, I thought. As long as I don't pee my pants, I'm fine. After about the 5th trip, my great grandmother (who spoke Italian) started to get excited and I couldn't understand what was going on. My grandmother was then asking why I was getting up so much. As I explained, my Mom was now nervous and told me my water is probably breaking. My water? What? We were about 40 minutes away from home and another 15 from the hospital. Call the doctor they were all shouting. my fear is settling in. What's happening? Am I about to have this baby? They were explaining to me about the danger of a dry birth. By this time, my head was spinning and feeling like a robot, I just got in the car and was driven to the hospital. All ended well. We made it to the hospital in time and a few hours later, I was a Mom with a healthy baby boy.

With a first pregnancy, I believe all women have questions and possibly fear of what to expect. Getting information, having all your questions answered and knowing what to expect would probably help throughout the nine months. If you do not have someone to turn to for this information or maybe you feel embarrassed to ask, here's a great website to get the information you need. provides all the information you might need to put your mind at ease. Heathguru answers your questions you have kept to yourself, wondered about or couldn't get the answers to. Let me also tell you that this site offers not only information on anything and everything associated with pregnancy but also provides information on fertility and conception, sex, college student health, STD protection, birth control, your body, your mind, weight loss etc. There's just too many topics to list.

This might be a great site to guide your teenage and college aged children to, whether male or female, for answers you might feel uncomfortable speaking about. This site provides videos and articles which were put together by a team of expert doctors.
Have a question? Find your answer there.

Do you remember having questions with your first pregnancy? Have a funny story to share?


suZen said...

Thanks for the tip to go to Heathguru with questions. Makes me wonder how I got thru 2 pregnancies without it, or anyone to talk to besides girlfriends, most of which had never had a child.

AC Associates said...

I thought the same as you...being so did I get through my pregnancy? lol Well, with Some help from friends and family. Now there are so many resources available for us to use. Knowledge comes with the information we process...that's a great thing