Friday, October 17, 2008

Examining Your Skin For Melanoma

The best time to examine your skin is after a bath or shower. Use a full length mirror is you have one. If not, a hand held one will work fine. Check any moles, blemishes or birthmarks from the top of your head to your toes. Note anything new or a change. Be aware of any sore that doesn't heal.

Face the mirror: check your face, ears, neck, chest and belly. Use a comb or hairdryer to part your hair so you can check your scalp.

Check the underarm areas, both sides of your arms, the tops and palms of your hands, in between your fingers and your nails.

Sit down and check the front of your thighs, shins, the tops of your feet, in between your toes and your toenails. Look at the bottom of your feet, your calves. Using your mirror, check the back of your thighs, buttocks, genital area, lower and upper back and the back of your neck.

If you do this exam regularly, you will know what is normal to you. Remember the warning signs written in this series of posts. If you suspect any changes or find a new growth, check with your doctor or dermatologist.

Source: American Cancer Society


Michelle (mole removal) said...

Thanks for the post... It is definitely very useful to keep track of the changes in skin but it is also time taking to check each and every part of our body...

AC Associates said...

Hello Michelle,
Thank you for visiting. I think too many believe it can't happen to them. Awareness is key and yes, we do need to remember to take the time to examine our skin and look for any changes. Thanks for sharing