Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can You Remember?

Scientists say that recognition memory for faces is unaffected by sleep loss. A person who has not slept for as much as 35 hours can perform as well as someone who is not sleep deprived.
The area of the brain that controls temporal memory can be affected by prolonged sleep loss and/or ageing.

Give your Mind some exercise. Here's a little test to see how well you 'remember'. There are two parts - A and B, and each part will have 12 photos of faces. You only have a short time, 4 seconds, to see each face before the program moves to the next face. Part A will begin and when that is finished you can start Part B. When Part B is finished, the test will begin.

Take the Face Recognition Test. See how well you do. I was pleasantly surprised on how well I scored on my first try.


suZen said...

That test was FUN! I did great on the recognition but not as well as remember the groups they were in. Thanks for dusting off my brain today! Good to do now and then.

AC Associates said...

Hello Suzen,
Glad you enjoyed that little test. I thought it was fun, but it did really put your brain to work. I was surprised in a good way with my results. I usually don't forget faces, but names is a totally different story! :0)