Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Type of Conditions Can Be Helped By Noni Juice?

It is said that Noni has helped many health conditions. Noni is not a miracle and cannot help any condition without the help of our own body.

Noni supports our immune system and that helps our system to work better. Our immune system has the capability to cure itself, using aids we provide. Researchers of the University of Hawaii discovered that there was a polysaccharide compound (6-D-glucopyranose pentaacetate) found in Noni that increases the ability of our immune system to produce chemicals that enhance the killing power of white blood cells.

White blood cells are known to kill cancer cells, but they also kill other things. They defend us against viruses, bacteria, yeast, amoeba, parasites and other types of invaders.

So Noni enhances or boosts our bodies power to attack unwanted invaders. If one experiences any type of health condition, it is advised to see a physician. If you consider taking Noni or a herb of any kind, this should also be discussed with your physician.

Dr. Schechter, director of the Natural Healing Institute in California, is conducting clinical trials to see if Noni stimulates the production of T-cells in the immune system. T-cells play a vital role in fighting against disease.

Noni also has been linked to fighting many types of bacteria and inhibits pre- cancer function plus the growth of cancer tumors by allowing abnormal cells to function more normally.

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suZen said...

I'm adding Noni juice to my daily regime. Thanks for this information. I know a lot of people are looking for quick fixes and don't get it. One product/food alone is not the answer, but a well blended daily intake of healthy nutrients is the best preventative medicine available.

AC Associates said...

hello suzen,
I like the way you think...a combination of healthy nutrients is so important. One product or food cannot do it all!