Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Are You Aware of ShopWiki.com?

You have seen many posts regarding health and beauty products on this blog. I like bringing awareness to these products, foods, juices etc to your attention because they are beneficial to ones health.

Now I am writing this post to bring awareness to a website that I found that enables you to locate all the products you may be searching for in one place. I know when I am searching for something and want to learn all I can before making a decision or purchase, I am brought from one page to another to another and another.

It can be not only time consuming, but frustrating because I usually cannot find the original page I started on. Has this ever happened to you?

Shopwiki.com is not your ordinary online shopping guide. This site searches out every store which carries the product(s) you are interested in. This means you will be able to compare prices, see what is on sale... all on one site. Shopwiki also does not just show the stores that have paid for advertising their stores, unlike other shopping guides online do. Shopwiki shows each and every store available to you. You can also read reviews which will help in making a better informed decision.

I have been interested in mineral cosmetics of late, which seem to be popping up everywhere. Organic health and beauty products have always been a favorite of mine and when I came across Shopwiki, I was surprised to read information that I wasn't aware of.

I learned the difference between natural and certified-organic products. There was a glossary of ingredients that beauty products may contain, so I know which ones to stay away from. There was information on natural herbal ingredients and what they do to help your skin.

Shopwiki also provided an informational link to a site called Skin Deep, which gives you a list of "high concern" brands. You enter the product (or Company) you want to learn about and the information is right there before you. This I believe, is a very important link to check out.

There are just too many positives and benefits of this site to mention and include in this post. If you are looking for products for the face, body, or oils I have previously posted about, such as emu oil or any other health/beauty product, I do suggest you soak in all the free information Shopwiki provides and get the best price at the same time.

Let me know what you think of this site. Did you learn something you didn't know before? If you would like to be a guest writer here and want to share your thoughts, please reach out to me. I'd love to share you stories...


suZen said...

Wow, sounds great - I'll definitely check this place out! You are a wealth of information! Thanks!

AC Associates said...

Hi Suzen,
Glad you liked this post. I really found ALOT of information on that site regarding products I was interested in. I think it's definitely worth checking out.
Let me know what you think.