Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feng Shui: Using Fish and Water

One of my readers left a comment asking if I knew the importance of using a Fish tank when applying Feng Shui. Honestly, I did not know the true answer, but I did some research and this is what I have learned:

Many people have confused fish as being a Feng Shui remedy.What this is, is a combination of superstition and misunderstanding. Feng Shui uses the number, 6 and 7, which are representative of metal (6=Qian or hard metal, and 7= Dui or soft metal).

The Five Element theory suggests metal strengthens water. Chinese folklore says that adding 6 gold fish and one black fish makes the water stronger. What you would be trying to do is to strengthen the water effect with metal. Actually, the fish only add decoration to the tank. To really strengthen the water element, the tank should have the real metal element with the water.

In feng shui, moving water brings prosperity and good luck to the home. Using Water fountains and aquariums are great feng shui enhancements and you also get the soothing and energizing elements.

The sound and motion of gurgling water activates chi and also helps balance chi. Moving water makes things active when the chi has been stagnant. Use moving water cures anywhere you want to enhance with which the water flows.

If you place a water fountain by your front door (indoors or out) to activate career, make sure the water flows toward your door, not away from it. You want all that good chi to come into your life, not flow out of it.

An aquarium can be extremely effective with increasing wealth and luck. The best places for an aquarium are in career and wealth areas or near the front door. Combine eight orange fish and one black one, or eight black and one gold. If you’re using an aquarium to increase wealth, add nine coins to the tank (chose a metal that won’t harm your fish).

INTENTION—As you set up your fountain or aquarium, stay focused on your intention to activate your success, prosperity, or career advancement, or whatever your specific goal may be.

AFFIRMATION—When you are done, make a statement to support your intention, such as: “Water now flows and nourishes this space, bringing abundance and prosperity to me and my family.”

The best fish tank from a Feng Shui standpoint is a circular one, but if you cannot find this shape, a rectangular one works too.

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