Sunday, December 14, 2008

Part 3~ Get More Help From Others With Feng Shui

The helpful people and travel section of Feng Shui is located in the front right-hand side of your home as you enter the front door.

This area of your house can hold all kinds of energy for you. If you travel too much or do not do as much traveling as you would like to, you can balance that out. If you find you do everything yourself or for yourself with no help from anyone, you can shift the energies to be more helpful in life. Even if you feel out of sync with what’s going on around you, this spot in your house can get you feeling balanced.

Or, if you are in some sort of legal battle, home purchase or sale, need medical attention, or any other major event where you really need to be treated fairly and justly, this part of the house can get things in control for you.

Things to ADD:

Silver and Gray: These two colors are very helpful in this spot. Even if you have to use a piece of aluminum foil, you should put it here. You could place a silver box in the helpful people and travel area to hold a space for your needed energies. One idea might be to write down anything you need help with, but do not use the words need or want in these sentences -- Try "thank you” for ...." and put the paper in the box.. If you are in a legal situation, put your opponents' names (business cards), as well as any legal documents in the box. If the box is not big enough, then wrap it up in aluminum foil. And make your intention to bring about a fair outcome.

Feng Shui can work for you if you give it the right intention and respect.

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It is designed to help you figure out which parts of your home correspond to each of the nine areas of your life.

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