Saturday, May 3, 2008

10 Easy Ways To Be More Active

The warmer weather is here and you probably have on your mind that you want to get in better shape and become more active.

It's something we all tell ourselves, but to get down to actually do it might be another thing. We have all kinds of responsibilities and household chores. We take care of the family and make time for our friends, but when can we find the time to get in shape and be more active?

If we think about our daily or weekly schedule, we need to look for opportunities to become more active. It may take alittle planning, but it will be worthwhile.

1. Walk, cycle or jog when running errands.

2. Park your car farther from where you are going.

3. Get off the bus a block or two from your destination.

4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

5. Stretch or exercise while watching TV.

6. Turn on some music and dance around your house while cleaning or cooking.

7. Take fitness breaks instead of cigarette or coffe breaks.

8. Romp around the house with your children or pets.

9. Keep a pair of running shoes at your office or in your car. Take a quick walk at lunchtime.

10. Do gardening or home repairs.

Now spring into a active healthier life!

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