Monday, May 5, 2008

An Active Mind is a Healthy Mind

Do you find yourself forgetting things more often than you'd like to admit? It could be the result of normal age related changes in your memory or cognitive health.

What is Cognitive Health?
This is referring to mental skills such as learning, memory, decision making and planning. As we age, you might experience a slower pace of learning and/or difficulty remembering things.

Maintaining our memory is an important part of healthy living. To help slow the pace of cognitive decline, you need to keep your brain alert...start with your mind, body and soul.

Keep your mind active. Have stimulating conversations. Continue learning and working. Try doing puzzles

Maintain your body. Regular exerise can slow the rate of normal memory loss as we all age. Be sure to eat a healthy diet.

Search your soul. Take time to meditate. Tap into your inner peace. This can calm you and give you the sense of total well-being.

Here's a brain teaser to get you started on brain improvement:
Really try and use your brain power to figure this out. Leave a comment with your answer. I'll be posting the answer in my next post.

Lexie has the oldest car in her office's parking lot. Use the clues below to figure out the year of Lexie's car.

* Troy's car is half the age of Lexie's car.
* Janine's car is 1 year younger than Troy's car.
* Craig's car is 6 years younger than Janine's car.
* Craig's car is from this year, 2008.

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