Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Importance of Clean Air in the Home

Clean air facts...Did You Know?

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The Environmental Protection Agency lists indoor air pollution to be among the top five environmental risks to public health.

EPA studies show indoor levels of pollutants may be 25 times and occasionally more than 100 times, higher than outdoor levels. Indoor air is four to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

More than 15 million Americans are estimated to have asthma, including one-in-13 school-age children.Over 28 million Americans suffer from hay fever and other allergies

American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outdoors.

Homes are now more energy efficient, but they also lock in allergens, toxins, and infectious agents.

Children inhale 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults and are especially sensitive to air quality problems.

According to a study by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, indoor air contaminants are responsible for half of all illnesses.

Reduce Allergens & Contaminants In Your Home

Tobacco smoke actually contains over 4,000 compounds, many of which are strong irritants.

Cooking, cleaning and redecorating can spread indoor pollutants.

Most homes generate about 40 pounds of dust per year for every 1.500 square feet of space.

About 40,000 dust mites, a common cause of household allergies, can be found in only one ounce of dust.

Even a spotless home can allow indoor pollutants to flourish. Bathrooms, damp basements, and even carpets and furniture are often the prime causes.

Many airborne contaminants are invisible—spores, bacteria, particulates, gases and chemicals can all contribute to short and long-term health consequences, including headache, allergies, fatigue, asthma or even cancer.

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