Friday, May 16, 2008

The Gift of Sight is Priceless

All my girlfriend has been talking about lately is Lasik surgery. She can not make up her mind whether to go ahead and have the surgery of not. The excuses coming from her include: it's too expensive, it will cause allergies, the complications, she can't think of the doctors putting an instrument in her eye and so on...and so on.

Well, I've looked into Lasik, so I can help her with her decision. The cost has come down from what it was years ago (even my vision insurance would cover part of the cost). Lasik does not cause allergies, does not deprive the cornea of oxygen, or cause red-itchy eyes. As far as complications go, all surgery procedures comes with the possibilities complications. Heck, even the medications we need to take can cause complications.

Before having Lasik, it is important to know if your doctor is certified. At LaserVue, where you can have Lasik in Walnut Creek, doctors have been certified by Lasik patient advocacy.The doctors must meet or exceed all standards to become certified. They will inform you if you are a qualified candidate for the procedure and this could lessen the possibility of complications. They even offer a no down payment, no interest financing. So for about $60 a month, you can have lasik surgery, be free of glasses and/or contacts and reap the benefits of seeing 20/20!

The LaserVue website offers information regarding the procedure, questions/answers, resources and what you can expect after surgery, so if you want to be further informed, take advantage of the information they are providing.

I would think some reasons TO have Lasik would be:

~ Glasses can be a nuisance
~ To be able to get up in the morning and see!
~ To gain both better vision and cosmetic appearance
~ To be free from glasses and/or contacts and the costs associated with them.
~ You will develop Independence and confidence
~Have Freedom and mobility
~ Lose any discomfort of glasses or contact lenses you experience
~ You will no longer have restrictions by glasses or contact lenses at work or leisure activities

Hmmm..I just listed 8 reasons why I would have lasik...I'll be sharing this post with my girlfriend and maybe she'll be more at ease to come to the decision to have Lasik.

If you have had the procedure, please share your experience...are you happy you had it done or did you experience any problems?

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