Monday, May 12, 2008

Sleep Better, Be Healthier in the Bedroom

It is important to keep our home environment healthy, especially where we sleep. It's said that we spend 30% of our life sleeping. And, we all want to spend that time in a comfortable and clean atmosphere.

One topic that gives us a creepy feeling to think about is bed bugs . Our mattress and pillow must be free of allergens, dust mites and insects. People are often mistakenly under the notion that bed bugs are caused by filth. Not true...These insects are attracted by carbon dioxide and body heat, not by dirt and they feed on blood, not waste.

To check and see if you might have these insects, look for dark spots on your mattress (blood, feces), or for shreds of skin, eggs, dead bed bugs, etc. Also look around the cracks of your mattress, in the box springs and in the linens.

Natural remedies to rid these insects from your home:

* Vaccumming
* Steam cleaning
* Diatomaceous Soil: This is a powder that you can dust around in the cracks in your bedroom, near the bed and under the bed. You can even dust the powder between the mattress and boxspring.
* Putting items outside in hot or cold tempertures.
* Buy a mattress encasement to keep it fresh and clean. Keeping any insects from getting in.

Although you do not catch any diseases from these insects, you could have a few reactions. You could have an allergic reaction to any bites, the bites could become infected and in some cases, people have actually become anemic from having so much blood drawn from them.

A mattress that is stale and filled with mold, germs, dust mites etc...can cause health issues. Sleep better, be healthier...check over your mattress

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